It's time for a World Revolution. The entire world is in turmoil. According to our interpreted history, we are facing the most dangerous problems that Earth has ever faced, caused by human beings. The human population has completely lost its primal instinct, and has become a "money"-making, self-destructive machine.

  • We have become passive.
  • We are adapting to detrimental changes.
  • We are becoming computers run by programmers. 
  • We are being oppressed and spied on.

   We need to fight for the species that are becoming extinct, the waters that are becoming contaminated, the plants that are providing us with life, the air that we are breathing. 

   As a World-wide Organization, Kapiwolf will unite humanity against economic and social inequality. Together, we will battle issues that range from: Environmental Changes, Disappearing Middle Class, Corporate Power, Police Militarization and Wars of Aggression. 

   Enough is enough. We cannot be bullied anymore. We are run by tyrannical governments. Our planet is in danger. It's time to unite us all, and save the world.

   We are Earth's Guardian.