Mars Destroyed by Nuclear Warfare

   According to theoretical plasma physicist, Dr. John E. Bradenburg, two civilizations (Cydonia and Utopia) on Mars were eradicated by an intelligent alien race that sought out to exterminate "noisy" civilizations. High concentrations of Xenon-129 in the atmosphere, uranium and thorium on the surface, as well as archaeological ruins, lead to Dr. Brandenburg's conclusion and theory of the nuclear destruction of Mars. In addition, the soil of Mars has the colouration and composition that is consistent with mixed fusion-fission explosions. 

   Dr. Brandenburg used photographs taken by the Curiosity rover to put together a scientific hypothesis that he later published in the "Journal of Cosmology." The Odyssey spacecraft sent by NASA played a role as well, detecting uranium and thorium on the surface of Mars, with two highly concentrated areas (two possible nuclear detonations). A human mission to Mars, would be essential in gaining more knowledge and insight about what happened. The physicist claims that Earth can be next, and that we must man a mission to the Red Planet in order to prepare ourselves in defending against a possible nuclear war.

   Mars is named after the Roman god of war...

Paulie Rosanski