U.S. Government Owns Ebola

   Many of you have heard about the Ebola virus that is circulating in Liberia, Africa. The disease leads to an almost 100% mortality rate. Symptoms appear from three days to two weeks after contracting the virus, and include: headache, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, internal bleeding, vomiting & liver failure. The majority of scientists claim that the virus can only be contracted via direct contact, such as body fluids. A few believe that it has the potential to evolve into an air-borne virus, like the Influenza (flu). 

   Liberians blame the U.S. Government for testing out this "biological weapon" on its citizens. How much truth is in that statement? 

   The U.S. Government holds a patent on the Ebola virus, and all of its strains. The publication number of the patent is: CA2741523 A1. What does this mean? It means that all research, drugs, and vaccines that pertain to any Ebola strain, belong to the U.S. Government. Pharmaceutical companies will develop medicines that will generate profit for the Government. Not only that, but the media will create an image, where we are protected and cared for. After the outbreak in Liberia, further security measures are being taken at airports, at incoming flights from West Africa. This isn't as effective as it seems, because there's a window period where the virus isn't detectable (3-14 days). It's a precautionary measure. Which of course, is a form of control. Protection equals control.

   This business venture leads to an entire monopolization of drugs & vaccines that treat the Ebola strain. The U.S. Government is generating profit, from the deaths of innocent Liberians. Open your eyes. Do your research. Put the pieces together.

Paulie Rosanski