Kapiwolf Founder: Paulie A. Rosanski

    Paulie picked up his first guitar at the age of 3. It was given to him by his father, who was a famous Bassist from Poland during the 1980s, in rock bands: Oddzial Zamkniety & Lady Pank. From the moment he began to play it, he started to establish his destiny.

    In Elementary School, Paulie had his first major performance, by playing the lead role of Mr. Scrooge from "A Christmas Carol". The principal was so impressed with the initial performance, she requested the whole school to watch the Stage Production. Once in Middle School, Paulie began to perform in Jazz Bands and Concert Bands in order to further develop his Musicianship. At the end of his Graduation, he performed an improvised guitar solo to an audience of 2,000. Then, in Brooklyn Technical High School, he joined the American Red Cross, and the Symphony Orchestra as an Upright Bassist, in order to continue the path towards his vision.

    After Graduating from High School, Paulie flew down to Fort Worth, Texas, to meet with a group of like-minded Musicians who were forming a band. However, the group had one issue, they couldn't find a lead singer. After expressing his frustration, Paulie flew back to NYC. After returning home, he began to work several jobs throughout the city, which helped develop his Entrepreneurial side. Finally, after picking up singing, he knew how to fulfill his destiny.